Saxophone Light Sculptures

Having been a reed player all my life and also a saxophone repair technician for Capital music back in the 80s and 90s, I have gathered a large collection of instruments both vintage and modern. For some time I ran a saxophone hire company called The Cool Bananas Saxophone Service, mainly to assist school students who could not afford instruments. That business stopped when local music shops adopted the same idea, so I now have approximately 50 saxophones to move on. Some are not worth repairing or are vintage or out of tune.
So during lockdown, I converted a few soprano saxes into light sculptures and also enhanced altos not only with lights but elegant petrified white seaweed which I found on the beach. The effect is of steam coming from the bell of the saxophone.
These lamps make a radiant effect when placed on a wall or in a dark corner in the house.

There are 4 for sale ranging between $350 - $650. Pick up preferred.


Debbie Rawson is best known as a musician but has been pursuing the visual arts with equal dedication since the age of 12 when her father gave her a Box Brownie for Xmas. She graduated from The Photo School in 2007 and completed a post-grad dip in Photography and Applied Art at Te Auaha, 2019.